You don't need to live in Cornwall to be able to take advantage of a quality service at competitive rates!


Family Law in Cornwall is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Regn No 510776                                                                                          

Family Law in Cornwall is the specialist family law practice of Robert Waddell who is a solicitor in Cornwall. He has been in the legal profession and dealing with family law for over 30 years. He is a Resolution Accredited Specialist and Mediator and was a member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal Scheme for eighteen years.

Family Law in Cornwall aims to provide a quality service to those with family problems which may need a legal solution and at a rate which is substantially less than that charged by the larger firms who are more commercially oriented and have to fund heavy running costs.

We do this by arranging meetings at times and places which are convenient to you and not just during the normal office hours of 9-5 and by video conferencing using Skype as well as email and telephone.  Working from a home based office we do not have the overheads other firms do and can offer a relaxed environment for personal discussions.

We are aware that family problems are stressful and difficult and aim to provide a supportive and sympathetic service whilst maintaining a professional approach and looking after your interests.

We deal with all aspects of relationship breakdown – and formation:

  • divorce and offer a fixed rate for an undefended divorce,
  • children issues such as with whom children live and arrangements for them to spend time with both parents and also wider family, for example grandparents and extended family who may become involved if there are public law issues ("care proceedings")
  • financial aspects of divorce including maintenance, lump sum, property adjustment, pensions etc – collectively known as Ancillary Relief or more recently Financial Remedy applications
  • property issues following cohabitation and separation
  • civil partnerships and their dissolution and all above aspects
  • and if you are contemplating entering into a relationship, whether marriage or cohabitation, pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements
 Please click on the buttons above for more details about all these aspects. Please note that what is set out on these pages is a broad statement only, sometimes a personal opinion, and is not intended to be a definitive statement of the law which is always changing and that is why it is important to take specialist advice as soon as an issue arises.

Once you've had a look around please give a call  01726 68926, or Skype us (or call using Microsoft Messenger or Live) to talk matters through without charge and see how we can help and how much it may cost or to arrange an initial meeting free of charge.  We do have a webcam so that we can see each other if you prefer. Alternatively please send an e-mail